“I believe there is one Ward 9 Councillor Candidate who represents a “new spirit” of great courage, integrity, honesty, leadership, and character that would match the extraordinary demands of serving the people while in elected office.  Sandy Pon demonstrates a keen awareness of the real needs of the people, business, and organizations.  Through her professional experience and community commitments, Sandy strives to understand the link between large urban realities and the economic health of our Capital City.  I respect her readiness and determination to take on difficult issues, as she has an uncommon ability to find common ground to unify directions in challenging circumstances.  I know that Sandy will make an immediate positive impact for the Ward 9 residents, and will be a great Councillor for Edmonton City Council.”

Janice Sarich, M.Ed.

  Former MLA Edmonton-Decore &

  Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Education

"Sandy Pon is a hardworking and committed community builder. She is driven by a strong desire to serve both her community and the City. Sandy is dedicated, driven, and committed to building great neighbourhoods and a great City."

- Bev Esslinger, City Councillor 

 "I know Sandy Pon to be a dedicated, authentic community leader who cares about neighbourhood safety, good amenities, transportation and the well-being of families and seniors. She will work hard to keep your taxes low as a fiscal watchdog with a heart. I support her wholeheartedly as your next city councillor."

- Kerry Diotte, Member of Parliment

"Sandy embodies everything we need at City Council:  Common Sense, Integrity, a willingness to work with others, and the desire to make Edmonton better. She is an experienced business leader who has given countless hours to the community through her charitable work. I'm very proud to support Sandy Pon for City Councillor for Ward 9."
- Kelly Mccauley, Member of Parliment