Action Plan

I Hear You!

Over the last few years, Edmontonians have seen the inefficiency and issues with the way the City is handling services and infrastructure. The City must spend our tax money based on priorities and not on vanity and over-priced projects. With my 30 years of experience with funding allocation and development, governance and consultation, I know we can
fix it.

The matter is not of the how, but it’s a matter of the now.


As your Ward 9 City Councillor, here is my action plans on Council:

Ward 9 actions:

  • Widen and add major road access, interchanges for Terwillegar Drive, Rabbit Hill Road, Ellerslie Road, 111 Street/James Mowatt Trail.
  • Improve Buses and connections
  • Better crosswalks and pedestrian Lights
  • Add rumble strips and speed bumps where speeding is an issue
  • Better snow removal for side streets and alleys
  • Convenient amenities and community halls
  • Better planning with Developers on future neighborhoods for roads, schools, and community amenities

City-wide actions:

  • Improve transparency and community consultation
  • Improve approval and vetting of Procurement and City Contracts
  • Improve selection process of projects based on priority and urgency
  • Revamp Photo Radars and Speed Limits
  • Create Bus Rapid Transit and transportation options
  • Increase Bus and Transit frequency
  • Better Synchronization of traffic lights and LRT crossings
  • Better planning and cost control on LRT Expansion
  • More Park and Ride locations for transit riders
  • Faster response time from EMS, Fire and Police services
  • Better funding and resources for our First Responders
  • More patrols and cameras in public places such as Transit Stations
  • Clarification and concise regulations on Infill
  • Better housing strategy with Density
  • Faster and clearer process for City Permits and approvals
  • Wellness Centre for the homeless and the drug crisis
  • Create affordable housing options
  • Affordable housing for the elderly
  • Keeping parks and school sites as green space
  • More fields and multi-use facilities for sports
  • Fix pot Holes, crumbling roads, and sidewalks
  • More libraries and computers for users
  • More summer programs for children
  • More availability of facilities for After-School Care
  • Free transit for seniors
  • Promote Edmonton to the world market as the place to do business!

I believe in a Common Sense Approach to growth and protecting your Tax Dollars.