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About Sandy Pon

Sandy Pon, a name you know.

I am running for City Council for Ward 9

I work, live, and have raised a family in Ward 9 for 25 years.

As a realtor, I hear what people care about. As a resident, I appreciate what people need. With 30 years of experience in business and community leadership, I can move things forward.

As your City Councillor, my 3 top priorities will be:

  1. Safety for our communities
  2. More amenities for families and seniors
  3. Better transportation system for everyone

We will fix these long overdue issues:

  • Community Consultation
  • Development and Infill
  • Housing and Amenities
  • Roadways and Transit

Together we will make smarter decisions to build the right things, in the right places, at the right time.

I believe in a Common Sense Approach to growth and protecting your Tax Dollars.

#SmarterCity      #LowerTaxes

#votePON on October 16, 2017